Nickel Alloy Stubends, Alloy Steel Equal Tees, Stainless Steel Caps, Carbon Steel Elbows



  • Return Bends 180º
  • Stubends to MSS SP43 or ANSI B16.9
  • Equal, Tees or reducing
  • Caps
  • Elbows, LR or SR, 90º or 45º
  • Concentric, Reducer or Eccentric

Nickel Alloy Half Couplings, Alloy Steel Swage Nipples, Stainless Steel Elbows, Carbon Steel Unions


  • Caps
  • Couplings, half, full or reducing
  • Nipples, eg. Swage nipples
  • Bushing
  • Elbows 45º or 90º
  • Hexagonal, Plugs, Round or Square Head
  • Treadolets, Weldolets, etc.
  • Unions
  • Equal, Tees or reducing

Additional information BW fittings

  • Destructive testing: (Hot)tensile tests, Corrosion tests, Impact tests, Hardness tests etc.
  • Inspection: Lloyds, DNV, TUV or other independent inspection authorities
  • To ASME/ANSI SB16.9 or other requested specifications
  • Welded or Seamless
  • Specifications: TUV, Stoomwezen or as per customer requirements
  • Non desctructive testing: X-ray, PMI, etc.
  • Certification: 3.1, 3.2

Additional information High pressure fittings

  • Certification: 3.1, 3.2
  • Specifications: Stoomwezen, TUV or customer requirements
  • Standards: ANSI B16.11
  • Forged or block type (from bar)
  • Non desctructive testing: PMI etc.
  • Destructive testing: (Hot)tensile tests, Hardness tests, Corrosion tests, Impact tests etc.
  • Socket Weld or Treaded
  • Inspection: Lloyds, DNV, TUV or other independent inspection authorities
  • 6000 or 3000 lbs